10 Light, Bright and Beautiful Rentals


Everyone has a different list of must-haves for their new apartment: hardwood floors, an updated kitchen, or maybe a short walk to the train. One thing most renters can agree on is having ample natural light throughout.
Whether you live in a busy city center, out near the mountains, or in the middle of the plains, a room with a view and some natural light can make any space look spectacular.
Check out these 10 light, bright and beautiful rentals to inspire your next apartment search.
Natural sunlight with big city views
Take in the expansive city skyline and soak up some sun (at least in the summer months) in this Loop neighborhood apartment in Chicago.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Chicago rentals.
Plenty of light in a winter haven apartment
Minnesota may not be exactly known for its sunshine, but you’ll feel like it’s spring all year-round in this Minneapolis apartment’s sun-soaked living space.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Minneapolis rentals.
Sunshine and cityscapes right outside your bedroom
The views and the natural light don’t get much better than this Atlanta apartment bedroom, where you can see the city skyline right from your bed.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Atlanta rentals.
Streaming sunlight in the mile-high city
This Denver apartment living room has great views of the city and is flooded with sunlight (for nearly 300 days per year in Denver!).
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Denver rentals.
Light, tranquil mountain views
This Orem, Utah apartment living room offers up an abundance of natural light as well as stunning views of the nearby mountains.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Orem rentals.
Light-filled kitchen right on the water
You’ll be more than inspired to create chef-worthy dishes in this light-filled Seattle apartment kitchen, which just happens to have spectacular views of Puget Sound.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Seattle rentals.
Bask in sunshine in the Big Easy
Louisiana weather can change on a dime, but you can easily soak up the sunshine when it appears in this downtown New Orleans apartment bedroom.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more New Orleans rentals.
Oceanside sunlight views
This Pacific-side living room in Santa Barbara has streaming sunlight as well as gorgeous views of the ocean.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Santa Barbara rentals.
A living room flooded with light
Golden sunlight fills this Kansas City apartment living room, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling downtown.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Kansas City rentals.
Surging sunlight in the living area
You can almost forget the freezing Pennsylvania temps when you see the sunlight bursting into this Philadelphia apartment living area.
Photo from Zillow listing.See more Philadelphia rentals.

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